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MON-SAT: 9-5 

Kenwood KD-2077


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The Kenwood KD-2077 is a 2-speed, direct-drive turntable with S-shaped static balance type tonearm.


Drive: direct-drive system

Motor: 20-pole 30 slot DC servo motor

Platter: 31cm, 1.1kg aluminium alloy die-cast

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Speed control range: within +-3%

Wow and flutter: less than 0.04% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: more than 65dB

Tonearm: static-balance type, s-shaped pipe arm

Effective length: 225mm

Overhang: 15mm

Stylus pressure range: 0 to 3g

Usable cartridge range: 4 to 10g

Furnished cartridge: V-47 moving magnet

Stylus: N-47 with 0.5mil diamond

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Output voltage: 2mV

Tracking force: 2g

Dimensions: 468 x 147 x 365mm

Weight: 7.0kg