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MON-SAT: 9-5 

Yamaha T-S500 AM/FM Stereo Tuner


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 410-882-4360 to order.

Main Features

  • 40-Station AM/FM Preset Tuning
    All 40 stations can be accessed with two turns of the rotary encoder knob, after which it stops. Favorite stations can be set at either end for greater convenience.
  • Auto FM Station Memory 
    Automatically presets the 40 strongest FM stations on the dial so you don't have to select and preset them manually.
  • Multi-Status Station Memory
    Thanks to Multi-Status Station Memory, each station memory includes the parameters set when it was memorized, for optimum quality each time it is selected.
  • 2-Line, 16-character (5x7 dot matrix) Display
    This high and wide display offers better visibility than previous types (1-line, 11-character displays). It provides a larger amount of more precise information, making the tuning operation easier.
  • Auto Search and Manual Tuning
  • IR Sensor on Front Panel 
    Allow the remote control from Yamaha Integrated Amplifiers (including the A-S500) to control the tuner.